Modules are the building blocks of pages

All content on the website is placed inside a module, either an on-page content block or a lift-up.

Content blocks are modules where you will add unique, on-page content. Everything from text to images, to videos to infographs can be added to these modules.

Lift-ups are visual and informative links to other pages that relate to your page's user task and business need. Lift-ups don't hold unique on-page content but content from the destination page. Use the most prominent and visual lift-ups to link to your most important content and the smaller, least visual lift-ups to link to the secondary content.

To help get you started, we have collected a set of the most essential and commonly used Basic modules. If you're already familiar with the modules, you can find everything you need in All modules.

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Get started with basic modules or browse all modules for more options.

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