Reusable modules

Emergency announcements and notifications bar

Emergency alert and page notification


A notification bar appears either on every page above the navigation (a sitewide emergency announcement) or on a specific page or group of pages (a page-specific notification).


The sitewide emergency announcement can be used to inform visitors about issues in Fortum’s operations, e.g. electricity outages or loud noises from the energy generation plants (a sitewide emergency announcement).

The page-specific notification can be used to inform visitors about timely business-specific topics, e.g. an upcoming webinar, changes in business hours, or new important content updates.


There can be only one sitewide emergency announcement at a time.

There can be only one page-specific notification on a given page.

To create the module in the CMS

  1. Navigate to “Content modules” → "Alerts"

  2. Click “Add new alert” to create a new announcement


    Edit an existing alert if you have previously created one.

  3. Give block description (A brief description of your notification)

  4. Select a theme (notification bar colour) and type (Error/warning icon)

  5. Type in the content (This text will appear in the notification bar. Only a single line of text will be displayed.)

  6. Select visibility options:

    1. Can be closed (whether or not the visitor can close the notification bar).

    2. Sitewide (whether or not this notification is sitewide). If the notification should be page-specific, do not select this option

    3. If the alert is page-specific, define the URL path where the alert shall be displayed. URLs with wildcards can also be used to display the alert on multiple pages matching the given URL pattern; for example, /products-and-services/*wildcard pattern will display the alert on all "Products and services" subpages. You can add several pages or URL patterns. Select the pattern carefully so that the alert is displayed only where it's meant to be.

    4. You can also schedule the alert so that it's displayed only within a specific time frame.

  7. Save the alert

  8. To publish, unpublish or delete an alert, select the alert(s), select the action, and finally click "Apply to selected items".


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