Emergency information Lift-ups

Emergency information Lift-ups

Emergency information - Review


An alarm notice that will appear on every page above the navigation.


This module is to be used to inform users about issues in Fortum’s operations e.g. electricity outages or loud noices from the energy generation plants.


Use this module for any other purposes than stated above.

To create the module in the CMS

  1. Navigate to “Structure” “Block layout”

  2. Click “Configure” to edit the emergency announcement


    Click “Enable” in the dropdown to display the emergency announcement

  3. Edit title.

  4. Check “display title” to display the title in the block (Not recommended from visual point of view)

  5. Edit text content and translations.

  6. Check ”Allow user to close” to enable users to close the announcement after it has been displayed

  7. Check all page types you wish the emergency announcement be displayed (Recommeded to check all)

  8. Choose the placement of the block: Keep at “Top”

  9. Click “Save block"

Emergency information - CMS guide


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