iFrame Content blocks

iFrame Content blocks


A responsive iFrame that displays integrated content from a 3rd party source.


This module can be placed anywhere and can contain any solution built outside the Indiana platform.


Use tabs to pull in different iFrames into the same module e.g. a daily price graph and monthly price graph.


Use iFrames unless you have to. Google search engine cannot crawl an iFrame which makes the iFrame content not searchable via search engines and can hurt your SEO.




You can pull in content from multiple source URLs by adding tabs in the CMS.

iFrame - Example 1

3rd party content

iFrame will always display content as it comes from the 3rd party source and it cannot be edited from the CMS.

iFrame - Example 2

To create the module in the CMS

This module is specific to a page, it will be created and edited via the page template.

  1. Navigate to Manage Content Add content [Content type] Content paragraph Content body

  2. Select ‘Full HTML’ as the text format then click the ‘iFrame’ icon that appears to the toolbar.

  3. Set the iFrame properties
    URL: Paste in the URL of the destination content to be displayed
    Width: Leave empty. There’ll be a resizer that will automate this.
    Height: Leave empty. There’ll be a resizer that will automate this.
    Alignment: Leave ‘not set’
    Enable scrollbar: Preferably don’t do this, as scroll within a scroll is not usable.
    Name: Leave empty
    Advisory title: Leave empty
    Long description URL: Leave empty

  4. Click ‘ok’ and the iFrame icon will appear into the body content field.

  5. Optional
    5.1 Table header (CMS: Title): Edit by writing into the text field.

  6. When ready with the page, save it to display the modules.

iFrame - CMS guide


In case you can't find answers from this guide, you can contact Indiana support.


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