Infographs Content blocks

Infographs Content blocks

Pie graph

Finland Sweden Norway Denmark
24 16 32 28


Infographs communicate data in a visual format that is easy for users to view at a glance and to understand the relations within the data, giving your numbers a shape and a form.


Infographs can be used on any page where you need to structure and communicate quantitative information. Always consider whether an infograph or a data table is most suitable for the purpose, or if you can communicate your message with one or few effective sentences.


Select a suitable infograph type for presenting your data:

* Area- & Area spline graph
* Bar graph
* Pie graph
* Donut graph
* Line graph


Use if your content is quantitative and you need to communicate precise numbers and text labels. For this use case, use data tables that allow users to view the data in details.

Block description
Mandatory. A brief description of your block.



Mandatory. The first row will appear as the table header. Leave the first row blank if you do not need a header.

Optional. Add labels to graphs horizontal axis points. Works with Area graphs and Line chart.

Add Grid
Optional. This is not used in pie or donut charts.

Theme pattern

Line chart

Finland Sweden Norway Denmark Iceland
2 8 4 9 3
4 5 7 4 6
6 3 6 4 9
3 9 1 2 5

Bar graph

Finland Sweden Norway Denmark Iceland
4 8 4 9 3

Testing donut graph

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5
20 30 10 35 5
Label1, Label2, Label3, Label4, Label5

To create the module in the CMS

1. Navigate to Manage → Content modules → Add custom block → Infograph

2. Add a value to the block description field. This is used later when referencing the module form the admin UI, and will never show on the frontend.

3. Choose type on of the graph.

4. The first data row will appear as the table header. Leave the first row blank if you do not need a header.

* Line and Area graphs get values from vertical columns. Use multiple rows.

* Bar graph uses only the first row (not header row) values.

* On Pie and Donut graphs vertical column values are added together. You can use one or more rows.

5. You can change the amount of rows and columns. The change will appear only after clicking the Rebuild Table button.

6. Labels are shown on the graphs horizontal axis points. Works only with Area and Line Graphs.

7. When ready, save your module. It will not show on the frontend ultil attached to a page.

Infograph - CMS guide


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