Latest publications with image (M-L) Lift-ups

Latest publications with image (M-L) Lift-ups


Latest publications -module is used to lift up articles and blocks as a easy to use collection in the front end


Preferred to use in pages where users might want see articles or blogs that are related to the topic of the page they are on. Technically this module can be used anywhere on the site.


Use this to lift up related articles and blogs that are valuable for users in the moment. 


Do not use this module to present articles and blogs to users in promotion purposes only

To create the module in the CMS

This module is specific to a page. It will be created and edited via the page template.

1. Select 'Add System block' from the content row dropdown


2. Required

  • Search and Select 'Publications: Latest publications (AND)' or 'Publications: Latest publications (OR)'  from the System block -field

3. Optional

  • add Title

  • Select tags from the "view taxonomy" -field to view desired publications in the frontend

  • add CTA (URL and link text)


The 'Number of posts' does not affect this module in any way.

Latest publications with image (M-L) - CMS guide


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