Lift-up with icon (M-L)

Lift-up with icon M-L


A lift-up block that cannot include images. The lift-up can link to a webpage or document (.pdf, .xls, .doc, .ppt).


This module can be placed anywhere and used for any content that is not to be dynamically updated.


Use descriptive icons that communicate the nature of the content where lift-ups link to.

Use a short description to support the lift-up header and communicate the value of engaging with the destination page content.


Manually put publication content into this module, but use the dynamic content listing module instead.

Each lift-up item can link to a single page or document


Text box


Downloadable content (.pdf, .xls, .doc, .ppt)
Optional, the CTA icon will automatically update if downloadable content is added

Background colour
Mandatory, can be chosen from the Fortum colour palette

Background colour

The background colour can be chosen in the CMS. Text and icon colours will update accordingly.

Evaluation visit

Learn more about employee responsibility

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Download the sustainability report 2016

Two lift-ups

Two lift-ups must always be different colours. The CMS offers themes for you to choose from.

Market driven

Fortum's Annual General Meeting 2017

Fortum introduced the plan for future growth and market adaption capabilities

See meeting materials

Fortum's Q1 2017 Interim Report

Fortum published its January-March 2017 Interim report on Thursday 27 April 2017

See report & materials

To create the module in the CMS

  1. Navigate to Manage → Content modules → Add custom block → Lift up.
  2. Add a value to the Block description field. This is used later when referencing the module from the admin UI, and will never show on the frontend. It should follow the naming convention: Section name_module type_description.
  3. When creating a Lift-up block with icon (M-L), the following fields are required:
    • Title (max. 20 characters)
    • Block description
    • Subtitle (max. 160 characters)
    • Icon
    • CTA (max. 20 characters)
    • Theme (sets the background and text colour accordingly
    • Lift-up type: With icon (M-L)
  4. CTA fields must have values for URL and Link text.
  5. The size of the module will be set when you attach the module to a page, depending on the number of other Lift-ups within the module.
  6. When ready, save your module. It will not show on the front-end until attached to a page.


In case you can't find answers from this guide, you can contact Indiana support.


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