Lift-up with image (M-L)

Lift-up with image M-L


A lift-up block that has images in each lift-up.


This module can be placed anywhere and used for any content that is not to be dynamically updated.


Use a descriptive header for the module that applies to all of the added lift-up items.

Common call-to-action
Use a CTA after the lift-up items if there’s a single destination for more of the kind of content you’ve chosen into the module e.g. use cases, customer references or an open jobs listing.


Manually put publication content (news, blogs etc.) into this module, but use the dynamic Content listing module instead.

1 - 3 lift-ups can be added in the same content row. Each lift-up item can link to a single destination page.


Text box
Mandatory, label color can be edited

CTA buttons
Mandatory (URL is mandatory but link text can be leaved empty)

Module header

Module CTA

Background color
Mandatory, will always be light grey

Content promotion

You can use this module for content promotion in cases where the destination page is not a campaign or an offer. For the wider lift-up item, the image can be placed left or right.

Common header

When you use the module for two or more lift-up items, it is recommended that you add a common header for them. Optionally you can also link to an archive or listing page for more similar content.

To create the module in the CMS

  1. Navigate to Manage Content modules Add custom block Lift up.

  2. Add a value to the Block description field. This is used later when referencing the module from the admin UI and will never show on the frontend. It should follow the naming convention: Section name_module type_description.

  3. When creating a Lift-up, the following fields are required:
    • Title (max. n characters)
    • Block description
    • CTA (URL is mandatory but link text can be leaved empty)
    • Lift-up type (With image (M-L))
    • Image
  4. When ready, save your module. It will not show on the frontend until attached to a page.


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