Lift-up (XS)

Lift-up without image (XS)


A lift-up block that cannot include an image or icon.


This module can be placed anywhere and used for any content that is not dynamically updated.


Background colour
Dare to use white. This is the smallest lift-up available that can be used to link to marketing content. Using white for this module makes the more important items stand out with colour.


Use double CTA or format the header and CTA both to include action. Add the action only to the CTA.

The module can link to a single page only.



Background colour
Mandatory; can be chosen from the Fortum colour palette.


The color of text will update according to your background color choice.

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To create the module in the CMS

Navigate to Manage Content modules Add custom block Lift up.

Add a value to the Block description field. This is used later when referencing the module from the admin UI, and will never show on the frontend. It should follow the naming convention: Section name_module type_description.


   1. Title

   2. Block description

   3. CTA (URL and Link text)

   4. Theme

   5. Lift-up type (Set to Liftup block XS)


When ready, save your module. It will not show on the front-end until attached to a page.


In case you can't find answers from this guide, you can contact Indiana support.


Indiana Application Change Board
icat [at] fortum [dot] com