Latest/related publications without image (S) Lift-ups

Latest releases


A lift-up block that dynamically contains automatically latest and/ or related publications based on preferred taxonomy settings.


This module can be placed anywhere the users might be interested in reading publication content.


Module header
Use a descriptive that explains the context of the chosen publications groupin e.g. ‘Latest releases’, ‘Latest about heating and cooling’ or ‘Related releases’.

Use the common CTA to link to an archive or a listing page where more publications matching the same taxonomy can be found.

The module will link to 3 pieces of related and/or latest publications.

Module header

Mandatory (is added automatically and cannot be edited in CMS)

Common CTA

Mandatory (is added automatically and cannot be edited in CMS)

Release types

The different release types have their own coloring so if the module mixes both types, the module includes mixed color blocks.

Latest/related publications without image (S) - Example 1

Latest releases


If only a single type of release is chosen to be displayed, the lift-up blocks will all be of the same color.

Latest/related publications without image (S) - Example 2

Latest stock exhange releases

To create the module in the CMS

This module is a pre-configured list, that is attached to pages. It is available to all content types.

  1. Navigate to Manage Content Add content [Content type].

  2. When attaching modules to pages, select System block from the collapsible Content modules field.

  3. Search and select "Press releases: Latest releases" from the System block -field. (As you start typing in the field, it will suggest relevant modules.)

  4. You can also add a Title (max. 80 characters) and CTA (max. 20 characters).

  5. Each Module attachments group of fields represents one row on the page. If you need to add multiple modules to the same page, use the Add another item button.

Latest/related publications without image (S) - CMS guide


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