Related products/services Lift-ups (Under dev.)


A lift-up block that helps the user to see related services or related products.


This module can be placed any product pages to increase users' interest in viewing more services or products.

1. Navigate to Manage → Content → Add content → [Content type].

When attaching modules to pages, select System block from the collapsible Content modules field.

2. You can also add a Title (max. 80 characters)

3. Search and select "Products: related products" from the System block -field. (As you start typing in the field, it will suggest relevant modules.)

You can choose module (with price) or (without price)  which effect how modules are displayed in the front end

By choosing default type module, all products that are tagged similarly as the page the module is added on are lifted up on the page

4. By choosing module type "OR" you can select what type of products are displayed, by selected desired tags in "view taxonomy" -field. You can choose for example: "electricity" and "solar power" which will lift up products that have been tagged with one of those tags

5. You can also add a CTA (max. 20 characters).




In case you can't find answers from this guide, you can contact Indiana support.


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