Supportive documentation Lift-ups


A lift-up block that can link to a webpage or download a document (.pdf, .xls, .doc, .ppt).


This module can be placed anywhere and used for any content that is not to be dynamically updated.



Use a descriptive CTA that tells the user if the document is opens a webpage (e.g. view) or downloads a document (e.g. download).


Use the module for marketing content but choose a more appealing module instead.

The module can link to unlimited amount of pages or documents.

Mandatory, choose icon that identifies the document format

Document name

CTA buttons

Background color
Mandatory, always white or light grey

Icon & order

Choose the document icon that identifies correct file format. The module is stackable, so any time a new document is added, it appears below the previous.

To create the module in the CMS

This module is specific to page, it will be created and edited via the page forms. It is available for Basic pages and Products.

  1. Navigate to Manage Content Add content Product.

  2. Add a URL and Link text (max. 255 characters) for each documentation link, you can add as many as needed.

  3. If you are adding a link to a file, please include the complete URL including file extension.

  4. Links to files will automatically append filesize to the Link text on the frontend.

  5. The CTA text will change dynamically, dependant on if the URL is to a file or page.

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