Text paragraph

Text paragraph


Text block that can include any text in the form of headings and paragraphs.


This module can be used anywhere paragraph text is needed.


Break the text into multiple paragraphs for longer reads. Start each new chapter with a heading that explains the value of reading the chapter.


Use other than white or light grey background colours for longer read texts. Never centre align the text that is longer than 300 characters.

Headers (H2, H3, H4, H5)


Multiple headers and paragraphs

Background color
Mandatory, can be chosen from the Fortum color palette


Text can be aligned to the left, and the paragraph can be aligned to center.

Diversity across our countries of operation

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Center alignment

Text can be aligned to the center. Never center align text that is longer than 300 characters.

Designed for users

We provide best-in class solutions for your control room by using advanced V&V tools and methods that decrease iterations during the design process, and requirement based design through ADLAS® concept for successful licensing.

Supportive figures

By combining the paragraph text with supportive figures you can highlight the numeric facts of your text. When using supportive supportive figures, ensure the paragraph text is always left-aligned.

Natural gas

Natural gas is used mainly in Russia, which accounts for about 98% of our total use of natural gas. Natural gas is used in small quantities also in Finland, the Baltic countries and Poland. The world's natural gas reserves are big, and there is enough natural gas for energy production demand for several decades.

Natural gas is the cleanest of the fossil fuels in terms of greenhouse gases and other flue-gas missions with relations to produced energy, therefore it doesn't contain sulphur and generates only minimal particle emissions. Nitrogen oxide emissions can be decreased with combustion technology. Potential leaks from gas pipelines have an impact on the climate because natural gas is almost 100% methane, which is a greenhouse gas worse than carbon dioxide.


Coal accounts for about 10% of Fortum's energy sources. About half of this is used in Russia and the other half in Finland and Poland. Coal's availability and storability make it an economical source for reserve and peak-lead power; in some situations, it is the only viable alternative.

Max characters
Headers: 80
Center-aligned paragraph: 300
Left-aligned paragraph: 600, add a line break for a new paragraph

To create the module in the CMS

This module is specific to a page, it will be created and edited via the page template.

  1. Navigate to Manage Content Add content [Content type] Content row

  2. To enable all text styles, choose ‘Full HTML’ from the text format dropdown.

  3. Required
    2.1 Paragraph (CMS: Page content body row): Edit by writing into the text field. Add another paragraph by pushing ‘enter’ key on your keyboard.
    2.2 Background colour (CMS: Theme): Edit by choosing a colour from the dropdown in the edit page bottom. If you don’t choose a colour, the module appears white on the page.

  4. Optional
    3.1 Header (CMS: Title): Edit by writing into the text field.
    3.2 Multiple headers: First write text into the paragraph, then select the text you want to make into a headline and from the tools row dropdown, then choose a style.

  5. When ready with the page, save it to display the modules.

Paragraph text - CMS guide


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