Video listing Content blocks

Video listing


Video 360°


A video or multiple videos. Both freeze frame and dexcription will automatically be assigned by Youtube.


This module can be used anywhere where video can improve engagement.


Write a descriptive header for the module that explains the user the contextual connection of the videos displayed.


Show more than three videos on lander pages, but link back to an archive page or Youtube for more related videos.

As many videos as wanted, can be added.

Header for multiple videos


Video description

Mandatory. Automated from Youtube.

Freeze frame

Mandatory. Automated from Youtube.

Play button


CTA to more videos


Load more CTA

Optional. Appears when more than 9 videos are added.

  • Related videos can be displayed in a grid of two. A CTA to more videos can be added


Video 360°

Webcasts and videos

  • Related videos can be displayed in a grid of three.


Video 360°

Video (Example 1)

To create the module in the CMS

  1. Navigate to Manage Content modules Add custom block → Video.

  2. Add a value to the Block description field. This is used later when referencing the module from the admin UI, and will never show on the frontend. It should follow the naming convention: Section name_module type_description.

  3. When creating a Campaign/promotion Lift-up with image, the following fields are required:

    • ⁃  Title

    • ⁃  Description

    • ⁃  Video ID 

  4. Note: Video ID is a certain part of URL, reference image down below


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