Fortum Visual Guidelines

Visual identity

Our visual identity is closely linked to our strategic priorities:

  1. We deliver reliable clean energy
  2. We drive decarbonization in industries
  3. We transform and develop.

Overall lens to the visual identity is our purpose ”To power a world where people, businesses and nature thrive together”.

This all should be presented and visible in Fortum´s new visual identity. Visual style is natural and clean. It is bold and confident tied together with a delicate composition. Balanced composition between epic photos and graphic elements, active but minimalistic layout emphasising quality.



The colour palette is modern and fresh, based on the tones and moods found in the Nordic nature with a modern twist. Fortum is a green company and green colours have been refreshed to be more modern and vivid.

fortum brand colour guide with color values

Fortum logo

Download logos

fortum logo
fortum logo with tagline



Download tagline logos


Logo safe area and placement 

fortum logo safe area
fortum logo primary placement guide
fortum logo secondary placement guide

Primary typography


Fortum Sans is the font for typography. Bold use of our own elegant typography makes a strong and believable statement.


Download Fortum Sans font


Power bar


The new graphical element “Power bar” symbolises several things at the same time. It reminds a charging bar indicator and balance. It also contains a subtle message of being back on our Nordic roots when Fortum´s logo was blue and green.

Power bar sizing and placement

fortum power bar guide
fortum power bar placement guide

Power bar colours

Power bar has two colours.

The first part on the left or at the bottom of the bar is Powerful green. On Powering green background the left or bottom bar is Calming green.

The second part can be any of the secondary or additional brand colours.

The ratio between the colours of the bar can vary as this gives the design more liveliness.

When using the Power bar on photographs, try to choose the second colour complementing the overall colour theme of the photo.


The illustration style is airy and elegant. By drawing visuals with (ideally) just one line, we catch a moment in time. The lines should start from the side of an image. The line can then go over the other end of the background or end to the illustration. The strokes are in Powering green or Consistent green. Line illustrations can also be animated.

The stroke width should always be consistent through the illustrations.


Download illlustrations

fortum illustrations guide


Our icon style fits the illustration style and the visuality as a whole. If icons are used in conjunction with text, use Fortum font. Icons should be used consistently throughout Fortum.

You can utilize ready-made icons from Fortum Mediabank and Fortum Design System.

fortum icons guide


Photography style takes a step towards a more natural, clean and genuine image look. No heavy retouching look. Self-confident image that relies on strong shapes, interesting compositions and natural light. Everything is characterized by harmony and balance with the people, businesses and Nordic nature. Photos used in the launch portray Nordic life at current time of the year, underlining the connection the society right now.

fortum brand imagery moodboard


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