Fortum logo

The Fortum logo reflects universal energy. The logo communicates about control and strength. The open form of the logo refers to development and open attitude towards improvements. Our logo consists of two elements, symbol and wordmark. In addition to the basic version there is also a version with tagline.

The symbol

The symbol has two different, however parallel, elements in terms of the form. The sphere stands for globe. The arc is in a perpetual movement around the sphere. Below, the arc symbolises shielding and protection and above it describes development and openness for new ideas.

The wordmark

As a name, Fortum is short, to the point, and communicates about strength, solidity, and progress.

Basic logo

Our basic logo can be used in multiple logo colours (Powering green, Consistent green, Calming green, black or white).

Download basic logos


Use the logo with the tagline, when it is readable, to amplify our purpose. White version can be used on top of an image or on top of a video. The tagline is always written in English. Don't attach any other text to the logo.

Tagline logo

This version of the logo with the tagline can be used in all three primary colours and in white or black.

Download tagline logos


Always use the full logo. Use of the symbol without the wordmark is allowed only in certain limited situations, for example in mobile applications, social media, small business gifts or pins or if the space is otherwise too limited for the full logo.

You should never use the wordmark alone. Always when using the word Fortum in a text, use the bodytext font for it.

Minimum size

Minimum size for Fortum logo in web use is 150 or 250 pixels depending in usage. For print the mimimum size is 30 mm. 

Symbol free zone

In cases where the logo symbol is used without the wordmark, the free zone is 1/2 of the width of the symbol. If available space (e.g. social media or other digital media icon) for the symbol is too small, exception for free zone is allowed.