Paragraphs are the building blocks of pages

All content elements on the web pages are placed into the content row via various content paragraphs. These include on-page paragraphs, reusable blocks, lift-up blocks, media items, content listings, forms, etc.

On-page paragraphs are basic content modules where you will add unique, on-page content.

Reusable blocks are content modules that can be added and reused on several pages. When the content in the reusable module is updated, the updates are mirrored automatically to all pages where the module is used.

Lift-up blocks are visual and informative links to other pages that relate to your page's user task and business need. Lift-ups don't hold unique on-page content but content from the destination page. Use the most prominent and visual lift-ups to link to your most important content and the smaller, least visual lift-ups to link to the secondary content. Same as with 'Reusable modules', lift-ups can be reused on several pages and changes made to the lift-up are mirrored to all pages where the lift-up is used.

Listing paragraphs can be used to create dynamic lists of specific content, such as products, news, blogs, etc., by page type and taxonomy terms, with user filtering options.

Media items include images, videos and audio. Media items added to Drupal's media library can be reused on several pages.

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