Fortum brand colours

Our colour palette is modern and fresh, based on the tones and moods found in the Nordic nature, with a modern twist. Our green colours have been refreshed to be more modern and vivid.

By combining brighter colours with some calmer colours we get a strong, vibrant palette that can still bend into balanced harmony.

We aim to have the overall look mostly green with a calm Nordic feeling that the Broad blue enables. The highlight colours from the Additional palette allows us to have a more playful, energised look and feel.

To make up for the fact that CMYK scheme has a narrower range of colours compared to RGB, which leads to less vivid colours, we have optimized the print colours via vast proof printing process. By this procedure we can be confident that our colours are represented in a best possible way even on different print products.

The Pantone (PMS) shades are a great choice, when you wish to achieve the most vibrant colours possible in print format. The Pantone colours have been optimized for both coated and uncoated papers.

The CMYK colours have specific colour codes for both coated and uncoated papers to make the colours work in the best possible way. The newspaper colours have also been optimized to ensure the best possible brightness and vividness of colours.


The colours can also be used as tints, with distinctive steps. Use these sparingly though, as the overall look should never be too pastel. Always try to use 100% opacity in all the colours when possible.

In cases where more various colour combinations is needed, for example applications, digital surfaces and infographics, the tints enable a wider, more flexible palette.

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Web colours

Via the wide range of colours that the RGB scheme has, our colour palette is especially vibrant and powering in the RGB world. The colours should give the viewer an energised feeling and this really shines through in our web colours.

Our Design System has a wider and slightly distinctive colour palette with more colour options. The Design System’s colours are thoroughly calculated to ensure the best usability and accessibility in all digital platforms and surfaces.

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In some cases like in Powerpoint presentations and map signs for plants we are using a darker yellow, Aurelion yellow.

R245 G225 B80 / C5 M5 Y75 K0 / PMS 108C