Our custom font Fortum Sans

Fortum Sans is the brand typeface of Fortum. This custom font family created and launched in 2019 provides Fortum with a typographic voice that matches its corporate identity.

As the name implies, Fortum Sans is a typeface without serifs and a synthesis of different aesthetics. One source of inspiration are Modernist typefaces with constructed letterforms. Such geometric sans serifs were used in the communication of Fortum’s predecessor already in the 1930s. In order to push Fortum Sans more towards the future, the designers infused it with elements of the more recent neo-grotesque. This style is distinguished by unified letter widths. Counterforms are round, but not mathematically circular.

The typeface’s task is to accurately represent the brand. Fortum Sans hence avoids any disruptive, eye-catching letterforms. It was developed bottom-up from the brand personality. The look and feel had to be optimistic, inspiring, and responsible in a playful, humane tone. In the design implementation, these attributes were translated to utilitarian shapes, a contemporarily large x-height, and round, generously sized dots.

In order to provide a link to the other elements of the visual identity, the designers turned to the Fortum symbol. Its strict 30° angle cut at the bottom was identified as the defining element. The type designers applied this angle to the terminals of curved strokes. The angled cuts entailed nicely open shapes. They also helped to harmonize the typeface internally. The type designers realized that exceptions to the rule are vital: “Having angled cuts everywhere would produce a too friendly feeling. Fortum’s brand is approachable, but also needs to deliver strong statements. We turned up the seriousness by selectively adding some straight 90° cuts.” This way, the typeface obtained a mature and sincere voice, supported by a soft and affable undertone.

The Fortum Sans family comprises four weights plus italics. The fonts support a large number of Latin-based languages including most of those used in Europe. The Fortum Sans typeface can be seen throughout all of Fortum’s communication; from printed publications, advertisements, and event graphics, to web and mobile platforms. With Fortum Sans, the company gains its own typographic voice that perfectly captures the brand spirit.

Fortum Sans is now more powerful than ever

To make the most of our brand font, we aim to use it in larger sizes on the headings to make an even greater impact. The bigger type size makes for a stronger, more noticeable typography that can work even as a standalone brand element.

We use the Fortum Sans Medium with a large size in the headings. This use of Fortum Sans is a way to create a more powering look. To get the headings to work in larger sizing and to pack a little more punch, they also need to be short and striking.

Less is more. Less is simpler, stronger, and bolder. We aim to use fewer long explanatory heading texts and more of simple, big, bold headings.

When you can’t use Fortum Sans, use our secondary font Arial.

Download Fortum Sans font

Style and alignment

Arial is to be used in office material only (Powerpoint presentations, Word documents etc) in Microsoft environment. If used elsewhere, e.g. on a website, a separate license would be needed.

Always prefer the left alignment as it is suitable in most cases. It is easiest to read since it’s most familiar to the eye. Use center alignment only in special cases for headings, quotes, or small amounts of text when there is only a central composition possible.

Make sure that the paragraph is neatly arranged. Try your best to minimize the number of rugged lines and hyphenation and avoid hanging lines (widow or orphan). The best layout is always airy, balanced, and legible and has a clear hierarchy.

Type sizes

Type sizes are calculated using headline point size when creating prints or advertising materials. Round to the nearest even number.

In Fortum’s digital platforms and apps use the digital Design System for font sizing. Design System is a separate website and requires login and password info.

Visual emphasis

It is possible to combine different font cuts like Medium and Light italic to make the heading visually more interesting and to give a part of the text more visual emphasis.

Please always make sure to check that the combination works with the content and is not disrupting the message itself.


Situations where the emphasis works best:

  • When the headline has multiple clauses.
  • When the headline has a clear main clause and one or more subordinate clauses that need specific hierarchy.
  • When the headlines are very long and would be heavy otherwise.
  • When the headline has a certain part that could work as a standalone headline.
  • When the headline has a specific word, we wish to highlight (For example, “Powering”).
  • And most importantly, when the emphasis part doesn’t disrupt the message, rather gives it more clarity and power.

The content comes first

Always take into consideration the headline’s content and message. This visual solution should never make the message more complicated. On the contrary, it should always support the message and make its interpretation easier.

With simple, shorter headlines or ones that don’t fit any of the situations mentioned before, only Medium cut should be used.