Digital guidelines

Welcome to our digital guideline site!

This site gives an overview of our guidelines related to communication and digital channels. Look around to find information such as brand guidelines, how to create good content, social media guidelines and web training material.  

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Fortum Brand Style Guide

Find brand guidelines for your everyday work.

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Metal Letterpress Types

Creating content

We want our content to build engagement, we rather talk human to human than as a corporation and we want all our employees to be engaged. Learn more about how to create great content.

How to create engaging content

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Web training

In the CMS user guide, you can find information about how to create, publish & manage content and increase the performance of your web pages. You can also find some best practices for creating web pages. You need to log in to access this part of the site. If you don't have access yet, send a request to get access to the Internet Websites INDIANA guidelines via My Service Portal.

Web instructions

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Social media guidelines

Learn about tips and tricks designed to empower, guide and inspire you to get hands-on and human with Fortum’s social media presence. You need to login, to access this part of the site.

Visit the social media toolbox