In our brand campaigns, we tell what we stand for as a company and demonstrate the value our strategy creates to our customers, our own people, society and nature‚Äč. 


Even though our visual assets and brand identity is consistent throughout, there are some visual solutions available specifically for the advertising materials.

Fortum logo should primarily be positioned on the bottom right corner. Read more about the logo

Our graphical element is called Power bar. Read more about the usage of the Power bar 

Colour palette

The colour palette is used as is in the advertising materials, compared to the digital platforms that have a wider colour palette with added high accessibility colours. Read more about the colour palette



The advertising materials have two extra font cuts available: Fortum Sans Ad Header in Medium and in Light italic. These two font cuts are especially designed for the larger headline sizes that the advertising materials often have. The tracking of the letters in Fortum Sans are slightly tighter to make the big headlines work even better and look stronger. Read more about the typography and download Fortum Sans.