Publishing & managing modules

Check all the available modules here.

To attach a module to a page, look for the collapsible Content modules field.

For content modules (in other words - the modules you create via the Manage Content modules view), use the sub-field Content modules. As you begin typing the name of a module, the CMS will make auto-complete suggestions.

You can also add a Title and CTA.

Each Module attachments group of fields represents one row on the page. If you need to add multiple modules to the same page in different rows, use the Add another item button.

To create the module in the CMS

To attach a list to a page, add a new content row, and select ’System block’.

In the ‘Exposed filters’ field, optionally add 1 or more taxonomy vocabularies that you want to show to the user as a filter.

In the ‘View taxonomy’, optionally add 1 or more taxonomy terms to pre-filter the list by. For example if you add ‘Electricity’ the list will only show content that has been tagged with this term.