Redirects & friendly URLs

To create a redirect in the CMS

  1. Navigate to structure URL redirects

  2. To create a redirect, click “Add redirect”

  3. Edit the existing redirects
    3.1 Search existing redirects by writing the url path on either “From” or “To” field
    3.2 Click on “Edit” on redirect you need to edit.

  4. Requirements
    4.1 Fill the url path for where you need to redirect from
    4.2 Fill the url path where you need to redirect to
    4.3 Status of the redirect is permanent by default
    4.4 Choose the language of the page you are redirecting
    4.5 Save changes


Redirects have been added to redirect 2nd level pages to the first page of the 3rd level.

To ensure functioning local redirect, input the redirected page in for of “node/xxx” for example, “node/123”. Correct url path can be found in the url when editing the pages in CMS