The goal of website taxonomy is to make content easier to find via browsing, searching and user customization. A good taxonomy will be tailored to the user's needs and behavior, supporting task completion. The aim is to build relationships between content and associations across the site that help connect related content that appear structurally in different places. Taxonomy allows us to showcase content that, on a sitemap, appears to be many levels deep.

Tags should be used in the same way and in the same context by content creators to establish consistent relationships between pieces of content.

How to choose the rights tags for your content

Topline category Key question
Brand attributes What does this content communicate or focus on in relation to Fortum’s core values, vision, mission and brand?
Campaign What are we offering our customer? OR What is the campaign code?
Customer journey phase What part does this piece of content play in moving the customer along the purchase funnel?
Generation How is the power generated? OR What is the power plant type?
Offering area What are we selling our customer?
Offering benefits What added value does this bring to our customer?
Offering type How are we delivering the offering to our customers?
Place of use What does this product, service, solution etc. get used or carried out?
Publication type What’s the format of the release?
Release type What kind of release is this? Who is the main audience?

Tips for tagging content

  • Don’t pick a tag from every category, only the ones that are relevant to your content
  • The categories are not in any specific order and tagging your content in a specific order does not have any impact on its categorization. It may be helpful for your own tagging practices however to create an order that you follow so that you don’t miss an important tag.
  • There is no maximum number of tags you can add to a piece of content but consider what its USP is and stick to that, especially when it comes to the area of ‘Offering benefits’. We want to avoid having pages or modules that could vaguely relate to anything. What is the value of this page in particular to our user?

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