Illuminated signs

In Fortum buildings we use a green illuminated logo. The technical specifications: 

  • Plexiglas GS 6h02 (logo height <2500 mm) Oracal 8500 063 +
  • multi-wall polycarbonate sheet 16 mm (logo height 2500-3500 mm)
  • Oracal 8500 063 + technical textile for large surfaces (logo height >3500mm)



Informative signs

Informative signs are needed to show a way to different buildings at the plant area or places for delivery, restaurant etc. The signs are white (painted) and the metal legs are light grey.


  • Typography: Fortum Sans Bold
  • Logo colour: Powering green,  Pantone 2420C
  • Text colour: Calming green,  Pantone 560 C
  • The logo is centered and as big as possible respecting the free zone


Map sign

A map sign at the power plants helps visitors to find the buildings. Use Fortum brand colours for the buildings.

  • Roads are outlined in Calming Green
  • Numbers are in the same color as the outlines or white
  • The facilities are marked with Fortum brand colours
  • Use Aurelion yellow  C5 M5 Y75 K0, Pantone 108 C) instead of Kinetic yellow
  • If needed, there are more colours in the digital colour palette