Continuous line illustrations

Look and feel

The style of line illustrations is airy and refined. The look and feel should be elegant, slightly organic and above all, effortless and instantaneous.

By drawing the visuals (ideally) with just one line, we essentially catch a moment in time.


The motifs of the line illustrations could be different energy forms, elements from the nature, people in activities, our facilities, electrical devices and transport to mention a few.


The lines should start from the side of an image. The line can then go over the other end of the background or end at the illustration itself. The strokes are in Powering green (on Calming green background) or Consistent green (on white background). Line illustrations can also be animated.


The stroke width should always be consistent through the illustrations. Preferably do not combine multiple illustrations to create something new as this easily results in a busy visuality with different stroke widths.

Illustration collection

The illustration collection is constantly growing and the new assets can be found at the Fortum Media Bank. Before starting to create a new illustration, check if there already exists a motif that fulfills your needs.


Download illustrations

Animated illustrations

The continuous line illustrations can easily be animated to be drawn into the image. Use Trim Paths function to easily achieve the look. If the illustration is formed from multiple strokes use the individual animation instead of simultaneous. Icons and descriptive illustrations can also be animated. They have less strict rules and can be animated in various ways.

For example, they could be:

  • Drawn in with stroke animation
  • Appear/disappear through scale animation
  • Appear/disappear through position animation
  • Fade in/out
  • Fill areas can be coloured in

Make sure the animations are still always harmonious and not too busy, restless, or wiggly.

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