Products or services without price Lift-ups

Products or services without price Lift-ups

Find the service for you

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A lift-up block that helps the user to find a single product or a service or an area of services or products. The module can be made dynamic with preferred taxonomy settings.


This module can be placed anywhere the users need to make a choice in-between Fortum offering categories or single offering items.


Module header
Use a descriptive that explains the context of the chosen offering groupin e.g. ‘Find a service for you’ or ‘All new build services’.

Use the common CTA to link to an archive or a listing page where more publications matching the same taxonomy can be found.

Tabs and filtering
Use tabs or filtering to categorize your offering and to make way- finding easier for your users.


Use the module for products or services with price, use the ‘Product/services with price’ module instead to provide the right context for your existing and potential customers.

The module can link to unlimited amount of pages.

Module header



Optional, choose preferred taxonomy categories

Common CTA

Mandatory, fully automated. Background will always be light grey.

Tabs & filters

When you have three or less items to link to, it’s best to keep the module simple without tabs or filters.


Use tabs for example to categorize your offering under the life cycle parts of your service category.


Forms of energy can be also seen as service by Fortum although they’re not direclty sellable items as such.

To create the module in the CMS

This module is a pre-configured list, that is attached to pages. It is available to all content types.

  1. Navigate to Manage Content Add content [Content type].

  2. When attaching modules to pages, look for the collapsible Content modules field.

  3. When attaching pre-configured lists, use the System blocks field. As you start typing in the field, it will suggest relevant modules.

  4. You can also add a Title (no limit) and CTA.

  5. Each Module attachments group of fields represents one row on the page. If you need to add multiple modules to the same page, use the Add another item button.


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