Video Lift-ups

Video paragraph


A single video.


This module can be used anywhere where video can improve engagement.


Freeze frame
Consider choosing a horizontal image that appears in your video for freeze-frame. Video players pick a default freeze-frame and usually the default choice is not the best to describe the video or get users interested in the video.

Use horizontal images only and crop the image to have the focal point in the center of the image for optimal responsive scaling. This guarantees that users with any device will understand the image.

Video description
When using the full-width video module, write a short description of the video in the form of a call-to-action to get more views.


Write paragraph text into the video description.

Video description

Freeze frame
Mandatory, automatically default from the player, can be manually overwritten.

Quantity of videos
There can be between 1 and 2 videos per single content row.

Video (Example 1)

360° video

The module can also include a 360° video.

Video 360°

Max characters
Description: 80

To create the module in the CMS

This module is centrally managed and won’t show on the frontend until attached to a page.

  1. Navigate to Manage Content modules Add custom block Video custom block

  2. Insert a block description. This is used later when referencing the module from the admin UI, and will never show on the frontend. It should follow the naming convention: Section name_module type_description.

  3. Required
    3.1 Video description (CMS: Title): Edit by writing into the text field.
    3.2 Video ID: Copy paste in the video ID from Youtube. IMPORTANT NOTE! ID is not the same as the URL. For more information see ‘Publishing and managing media’ section.

    3.3 Freeze frame: Automatically the default from Youtube.

  4. Optional
    4.1 Custom freeze-frame (CMS: Field media image): Add by clicking ‘Select images’ and remove by clicking ‘Remove’.

  5. When ready, save the module and attach it to any page(s).

Video - CMS guide


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