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Change the repeated menu link text

Change the repeated menu link


If a page on the 3rd level in the menu hierarchy has child pages, then it will not act as a link to the page in the 3rd level of the menu, but the 3rd level page link gets repeated in the 4th level menu as a first link in the list. You have the option to give a different link text to be displayed on the 4th level menu if you wish to do so to avoid having the same link text repeated.


Changing the repeated menu link text applies only to pages on the 3rd level in the menu hierarchy.


Keep the menu links short and on-point.


Use long and detailed link texts.

To change the repeated menu link in the CMS

  1. Navigate to Manage → Structure → Menus
  2. Edit the main navigation menu
  3. Edit the 3rd level menu link which is repeated in 4th level and you want to change
  4. In the menu link edit page there is a "Duplicated link text" field. Insert the link text you want to display in the 4th level into this field.
  5. When ready, save the menu link. Now your 3rd level menu link is different on the 4th level menu.


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