Products/service with price Lift-ups

Products/service with price Lift-ups

Our products

Fortum Vakaa


Basic price: 4,02€/kk

Test product 1

100% hydropower


Basic price: 4,69€/kWh
Open-ended contract

Test product 2


Basic price: 4,02€/kWh

Test product 3


Basic price: 4,02c/kWh


A lift-up block that helps the user to find a single product. The module can be made dynamic with preferred taxonomy settings.


This module can be placed anywhere the users need to make a choice in-between products available.


Module header
Use a descriptive that explains the context of the chosen offering grouping e.g. ‘Find your contract’ or ‘Other CO2 free contracts’.

Campaign/offer style
Mark a product page in the CMS to have an active campaign or offer, and the product lift-up will automatically pick the style.

Tabs and filtering
Use tabs or filtering to categorize your offering and to make way- finding easier for your users.

Preference label
Use labels like ‘Customer favorite’ or ‘Award winning’ to higlight the special products among others.

The module can link to unlimited amount of pages.

Module header


Optional, choose preferred taxonomy categories

Product information
All mandatory

CTA button

Text link

Offer style
Automated when product page is marked to have an active campaign

Common CTA

Mandatory, fully automated. Background


When a product page in the CMS is marked to have an active campaign or offer, the product lift-up will automatically pick the style accordingly.


Prices can be attached to location filtering.

Filters & tabs

Filters and tabs are optional and the module can be published without any.


The module can be used to publish also related products or products that have the most business value.

If showing products on pages that encourage discovery, you might not want to display all products to visible, but you can manually choose which ones to display.

You can display related products by choosing a relevant taxonomy tag.

To create the module in the CMS

This module is a pre-configured list, that is attached to pages. It is available to all content types.

  1. Navigate to Manage → Content → Add content → [Content type].

  2. Add a new content row, and select ’System block’.

  3. Optionally add a Title.

  4. In the ‘System block’ field, select ‘Products: All products (with price).

  5. In the ‘Exposed filters’ field, optionally add 1 or more taxonomy vocabularies that you want to show to the user as a filter.

  6. In the ‘View taxonomy’, optionally add 1 or more taxonomy terms to pre-filter the list by. For example if you add ‘Electricity’ the list will only show content that has been tagged with this term.


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